la canción de estos días

en realidad, no... pero se coló desde la tele mientras yo estaba estudiando... y me gusta taaaanto...

Old Man Sunshine - Listen, you!
Never tell me "Dreams Come True!"
Just try it - And I'll start a riot.
Beatrice Fairfax - don't you dare
Ever tell me he will care;
I'm certain - It's the Final Curtain.
I never want to hear
From any cheer-ful Polyannas,
Who tell you Fate supplies a Mate -
It's all bananas!

They're writing songs of love,
But not for me;
A lucky star's above,
But not for me.

With Love to Lead the Way,
I've found more Clouds of Gray
Than any Russian play
could guarantee.

I was a fool to fall
And Get That Way;
Hiegh ho! Alas! And al-
So Lackaday!

Although I can't dismiss
The mem'ry of his kiss -
I guess he's not for me.

He's knocking on a door,
But not for me;
He'll plan a two by four,
But not for me.

I've heard that Love's a Game;
I'm puzzled, just the same -
Was I the Moth or Flame...?
I'm all at sea.

It started off so swell,
This "Let's Pretend";
It all began so well;
But what an end!

The climax of a plot
Should be the marriage knot,
But there's no knot for me.

"But not for me"
Lyrics as originally written by Ira Gershwin
Music by George Gershwin